Dreamweaver tips and shortcuts

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Sep 08, 2009

In my "Using Dreamweaver" post I discussed the pros and cons of using Dreamweaver. Personally, I like using Dreamweaver specially in the split view display because I can quickly add and modify code. Below is a listing of tips and shortcuts that I frequently use and that may help speed up your development while using Dreaweaver.

Global changes

If you haven't made the following preference changes I suggest doing so. All changes can be done at Edit > Preferences.

  • Code hints: select close tags for faster code creation
  • Preview in browser: Add multiple browsers at least Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • Validator: select XHTML 1.0 strict a strict doc type helps with cross browser compatibility

Use CTRL + F for find and replaces. Handy when client's give you MS word documents that need to be converted the HTML.

Design View

  • CTRL + b bolds design and code view
  • CTRL + i italicizes design and code view
  • Shift enter creates line breaks design and code view
  • "Enter" key creates a paragraph

Code View

  • CTRL + number key (1-6) creates a header
  • CTRL + Shift + P creates a paragraph
  • CTRL + Shift + > indents code
  • CTRL + Shift + < outdents code
  • "&" in code views displays a listing of special characters


  • CTRL + N: creates a new file
  • CTRL + S: saves a file
  • F12 preview page in default web browser
  • Shift + F7: spell check
  • CTRL + Shift + U: uploads files
  • CTRL + D: duplicates a file in the file browser

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