Drupal 6 Zen Subtheme - Basic

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on May 06, 2009

Zen is a great starter theme for Drupal. Below are steps to get your zen sub-theme set up.

  1. Visit http://drupal.org/project/zen and download the current version
  2. Unzip the files and place in your themes directory (ex. sites/all/themes)
  3. Copy the entire starterkit folder and paste it outside the current zen folder
  4. Rename the actual folder (ex. mytheme), and the info file. Only lower case and underscores
  5. Edit the info file by changing the name and description and save the file. This will help you tell the difference between your theme and the starterkit on the themes admin page
  6. Open the template.php file and do a search and replace of "STARTERKIT" with your theme name (ex. mytheme). Save and close the file
  7. Same as step 6 just with the theme-settings.php file. Open the theme-settings.php file and do a search and replace
  8. Open the actual zen folder located at zen/zen/
  9. Copy the html-elements.css and print.css files and paste into your sub theme folder
  10. Go back to the zen/zen/ folder and copy the zen.css. Paste the file into your sub theme folder and rename it as your theme name (ex. mytheme.css)
  11. Browse to zen/zen/ and decide if you want to use a fixed or liquid layout and copy the appropriate file. Paste the file into your folder and rename to layout.css
  12. Go to admin/build/themes find your theme name and enable your theme. You are now ready to create your sub theme
  13. See Drupal 6 Zen Subtheme - Advanced for more



posted by Anonymous on Mar 11, 2010

I had tried a few drupal Zen theme how-to and was becoming frustrated, thanks for your clear & concise efforts. I got it working first time thru your help.

Your Zen Sub Theme how to is much better

posted by Anonymous on Feb 22, 2010

Your Zen Sub Theme how to is much better than the official README, I suppose open source most often fails in it's "user friendly" documentation.

Here! Here! Kudos on great instructions!

posted by Anonymous on Feb 18, 2010

Why can't all tutorials be this clear and concise!

Thank you so much!

Thank You!

posted by Anonymous on Jan 07, 2010

I toyed around with the official docs and ended up with a mess. Your straight forward steps saved me hours of work (and possibly an abandonment of Drupal itself).

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