Linking author names in Movable Type

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Oct 07, 2009

I just recently completed a project involving theming a Movable Type blog. Although I didn't install Movable type I know the install was a Movable Type Enterprise set up. What was also a bit unique was that whoever configured the install severely limited the functionality of the blog. No Comments, no author entry listing archive, no ability to install plug-ins, plus many of admin features where grey out. It was sort of like building a website with one hand. Every time we wanted a feature we had to contact the admin team to have it enabled (They still haven't enabled any admin features though).

So after the archive listing was enabled I was asked to link the author name to a listing of all their posts. Easy enough right? Not so fast. So I looked online and on the Movable type documentation and I found this


Too bad this didn't work, it's nice and simple. If I recall, I think it just output the blog URL as a link. After some more searching I found and tried this

<a href="<$mt:ArchiveLink archive_type="Author"$>"><mt:AuthorDisplayName></a>

Movable Type Error
Movable Type Error

Once again this didn't work, so after some more searching I found something that worked:

<a href="<mt:EntryLink archive_type="Author">"><$mt:AuthorDisplayName$></a>

Now just to be clear I'm not knocking Movable type. I'm really not sure why it was so difficult to link up author names to an archive listing. It could have been the install and configuration. It could have been my lack of experience using this system. All I know is that after all the trouble it caused me I wanted to post something in case this helps anyone else having the same problems.


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