Managing and Maintaining Your Drupal Site

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jun 27, 2009

So you have worked hard to get your Drupal site up and running. Things are good, everyone's happy, you're a hero; seems like your work is done… not quite. Not even close. What people may not know or maybe fail to realize is that maintaining Drupal is a good amount of work. And I'm not only talking about adding and updating content, I'm talking about taking care of Drupal overall.

Maintaining Drupal is a chore, but tasks fall into four areas: content, logs, status, and updates.

Handling content

  • Manage your site content at /admin/content/node
  • Filter content by type or status. This helps you sort through all the content quickly and efficiently
  • Bulk content changes can be performed (Publish, unpublish, delete, sticky, etc.)
  • If comments require approval visit /admin/content/comment/approval to approve or delete
Sorting content
Sorting content

Checking logs

  • Go to /admin/reports/dblog
  • Logs shows recent site activity from content additions, updates, page not found's, user access, cron, php errors, warnings, etc.
  • Monitor these logs so you know what is going on with Drupal
Filtering content
Filtering Logs

Status Report

  • Visit the Drupal status report at /admin/reports/status
  • Database problems, server issues, general warnings, and addition information will appear here
  • Some examples include: memory limits, database updates, file protection, Drupal updates, missing PHP libraries


  • Core and module updates for Drupal can be seen at /admin/reports/updates
  • Modules upgrades can be bug fixes, new features, security-related, or a combination of these
  • It's recommended you stay current with your upgrades, especially security releases in order to protect your website
  • You can customize email alerts at /admin/reports/updates/settings

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