Submitting themes to Drupal

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Sep 30, 2009

It's important to contribute to the Drupal project so that it continues to grow and improve. Yet, if you want to contribute you may face road blocks along the way: getting a CVS account, installing a CVS client, or just learning to use CVS and how it works with Drupal. After just committing the earthish theme, below are my tips for contributing themes to Note these direction are targeted for users that have TortoiseCVS (Since that's what I use).

  1. First apply for a Drupal CVS account (
  2. Install and configure a CVS client (TortoiseCVS or SmartCVS )
  3. Navigate to your local theme folder and right click and select new module
  4. The repository folder should be /cvs/drupal-contrib, enter your CVS account info
  5. In the modules text box enter contributions/themes/yourthemename (If you were submitting a module change "themes" to modules)
  6. Within the theme folder select all files and right click and select CVS add
  7. Select all the files and right click and choose CVS commit (Add a message, ie Initial project commit)
  8. Create a project page on and fill out the theme details
  9. Go back to your local theme and right click and pick CVS > Branch
  10. Branches have strict naming convention (DRUPAL-6--1) the -6 is the major version (Drupal 6) the --1 is the main release
  11. Create a CVS tag, similar to a branch
  12. Tags have strict naming convention (DRUPAL-6--1-0) the -6 is the major version (Drupal 6) the --1-0 is the release
  13. Go back to the theme project page and on click "add new release" link
  14. Select the tag you just created in CVS update any release information
Using CVS


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