Theming Drupal forms

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Apr 30, 2011

Theming Drupal forms can be tricky because the form API provides so much flexibility it's sort of overwhelming for a designer or themer. Pretty much there are three approaches to theming forms: CSS, theme level, or module.

Quick and dirty theme upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Mar 31, 2011

Drupal 7 has been out for a bit and I have done a handful of ports of themes from 6 to 7 and rather than go through the in depth list of items to do on Converting 6.x themes to 7.x each time, for quick ports you can follow the list below.

Custom Drupal Breadcrumb for a cck content type

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Nov 28, 2010

Drupal breadcrumbs are a pain. By default they aren't the usable breadcrumb navigation that people find helpful. On CCK node types they don't show any kind of site hierarchy; in fact by default they only show a link to the home page. The only place the breadcrumbs are helpful are on administrative pages.

Building a better search box in Drupal

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Sep 30, 2010

Depending on your website the search box might be a crucial element of your site. Ultimately having a functional and aesthetically pleasing search section is helpful to your end users. Drupal's built-in search module is a good starting point but if you have lots of nodes your site performance might take a hit.

DrupalCamp LA 2010: Want a custom theme?

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Aug 08, 2010

I just gave a presentation at DrupalCamp LA 2010 about creating a custom theme. I wanted to post links to some resources.

Using Cufon

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jul 30, 2010

Dealing with web typography can be a disaster. Finding a font that fits the site, setting the font-family CSS property (and "fallback option/s"), then testing the rendering in different browsers.

Converting Drupal 5 Themes to Drupal 6

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Apr 30, 2010

Drupal 7 is maturing and should have an official release before the end of this year. Once there is an official release support for Drupal 5 will stop. So if you have a Drupal 5 site and haven't upgraded now is the time to do it.

User Login Block, Drupal 6

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Mar 21, 2010

While working on the Earthish theme, I wanted to theme the Drupal user login block. I did a quick Google search, but the results were not great. Many of the tutorials were about customizing the user form or customizing the login form on the user page.

Drupal Sub-themes (Not just for zen)

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Feb 05, 2010

After reading a few posts in the Drupal forums I felt compelled to write this article to help people new to Drupal theming. Any Drupal theme can be a sub-theme and actually this is probably the preferred way of modifying a theme rather just modifying the HTML and CSS.

Creating a Drupal theme

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jan 08, 2010

Sometimes an existing Drupal theme just will not do. Or possibly you might have a designer that has PSD or InDesign file of exactly how you want your site to look. At this point you could try to find an existing theme that mostly works and just tear apart the CSS and HTML and customize it until you get the look you want.

Ishmael Sanchez