PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. It is widely used to write web applications and is probably one of the most popular scripting languages used today.

Converting Drupal 5 Themes to Drupal 6

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Apr 30, 2010

Drupal 7 is maturing and should have an official release before the end of this year. Once there is an official release support for Drupal 5 will stop. So if you have a Drupal 5 site and haven't upgraded now is the time to do it.

Display or Print a Drupal block anywhere

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Aug 23, 2009

During some development work I had to create a custom node template for a specific content type. The design had a menu block displayed on left sidebar on the majority of pages but the menu was also needed below the content area as a secondary navigation for this content type.

Dynamic Year Display Using PHP

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jun 17, 2009

Updating things like a footer or copyright statement seem trivial, but if you have a Dreamweaver site, this could mean updating hundreds or thousands of files. If you created the site correctly, all you have to do is edit one library file to update the text. However, you will still have to FTP the files and ensure nothing gets overwritten in the process.

Change Default Drupal Date Display with PHP

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Mar 30, 2009

Once you install your Drupal site, you will need to perform some basic configuration. One of the first things to do is to set the date and time. By default, Drupal provides a pretty long format to display the date. This date format is used by default in the node.tpl.php and output in the $submitted variable.

Ishmael Sanchez