Web Design

Using Cufon

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jul 30, 2010

Dealing with web typography can be a disaster. Finding a font that fits the site, setting the font-family CSS property (and "fallback option/s"), then testing the rendering in different browsers.

Browser testing

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Oct 31, 2009

Cross browser support is important for your website. It's a general usability issue; users should be able to access your content and should not be forced to use a particular web browser or technology to view your site. Adding to this your site should render consistently especially considering all the different web browsers options available now.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Sep 16, 2009

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for all websites. I don't care how big or small your site is you need to let people find you. Increasing your visibility on search engines doesn't necessarily require hiring a SEO expert. The tips listed below are some best practices for increasing organic traffic.

Dreamweaver tips and shortcuts

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Sep 08, 2009

In my "Using Dreamweaver" post I discussed the pros and cons of using Dreamweaver. Personally, I like using Dreamweaver specially in the split view display because I can quickly add and modify code.

Writing good CSS

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jul 23, 2009

I'm the first to admit, I'm guilty of taking short cuts and writing sloppy CSS. Usually coding sloppy CSS is because of strict deadlines, budget limitations, or putting a band aid on something (Meaning quick fixes without rebuilding entire pages or sections). And of course you could say what about planning and time management?

404 Page: Why You Need One

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Apr 03, 2009

Having a custom error page is highly underrated. One of my clients recently reported to me that their most viewed page was their error page. And if you drive a lot of traffic to your site, I wouldn't be surprised if your error page was highly viewed.

So why have an error page? There are several reasons.

Ishmael Sanchez