Upgrading Drupal Contributed Modules

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on Jul 29, 2009

Staying current with Drupal contributed module releases' is one of the biggest challenges and pains when working with Drupal. Hopefully you've upgraded all your contributed modules at the very least to the latest security release. If you don't have experience upgrading a Drupal module this article is for you. Advanced users visit my post on Drush or view the Drush project page.

  1. Login and visit the available updates page: /admin/reports/updates/list
  2. Read the module release notes (Usually important information about the release is stated there)
  3. Create a backup of your site (site files and database)
  4. Verify your backup contains usable data in case you need to use it
  5. Download and unpackage the newest module release
  6. Set an admin theme if you don't have one enabled (Choose a core theme like Garland)
  7. Put the site in maintenance mode: /admin/settings/site-maintenance
  8. Delete the old module folder
  9. Upload the newest release of the module
  10. Run the update.php script (www.example.com/update.php)
  11. Go to the available updates page and verify the module is updated to the most current release
  12. Check the status report page in case any more site modifications are needed: /admin/reports/status
  13. Put site back online
  14. Log out and perform quality review as an anonymous user

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